Thursday, 14 December 2017

2017 - Where Has It Gone?

And as we near the end of term, it is time for reflection of what we achieved and what is to celebrate. 

One thing that is entirely evident is that we have one of the hardest working staffs on the planet.
In the past two weeks, we have had so many amazing activities to enjoy - their planning and creativity and willingness to "go the extra mile" is to be recognised and appreciated publicly.

The children and whānau of SRS are truly Friends, Learners and Guardians in all they say and do!

Last weekend I signed over 500 reports from each class, and read every single general comment individually. There is a real depth of 
"KNOW THE LEARNERS" evident in each report, and I celebrate our incredible staff who make magic happen each week of the year. Rest well my 
wonder-beings and rest, relax, revive over January.
See you back in 2018 for more of the same!!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

So Much To Celebrate At SRS

What a fantastic job this is, when you can come to school each day and see happy children and happy teachers.

We are now into our second term of learning and there is so much to celebrate:-

  • We have named each of our teams with a new "whanau" name which describes their stages of growth as they move through their classes:-

    - Whakatōtanga for our Year 1-2 team
    - Tupuranga      for our Year 3-4 team
    - Puāwaitanga   for our Year 5-6 team
    - Hautūtanga    for our Year 7-8 team
  • We have grown our Inquiry Learning model and our Inquiry Learning programme delivery to the point where at the end of each term now, we have a COMMUNITY ACTIONS OUTCOME DAY. This is the part of our Inquiry where we present our ACTION to our community and students share how we plan to improve the world we live in.
  • New Social Curriculum - we have developed a new plan for promoting positive behaviours in our school through our Social Curriculum strengthening our resolve to be good
    "Friends, Learners, Guardians." We believe that everyone has the right to come to school to be safe and happy - so living this on a daily basis is important to us.
    "Friends,Learners,Guardians in all we say and do!"

Monday, 22 August 2016


WEEK 3 OF TERM 3 - a celebration of PEACE WEEK.

Every team designed activities which promoted peaceful interactions and an awareness of an individual's responsibility around creating and maintaining peaceful relationships in our world. Our Inquiry learning for Term 3 is based on a question of how we can create change to make a healthy community - and healthy relationships is a key focus of Week 3. Look at these wonderful students and their focused attention to their tasks. We had Tai Chi; Pilates; Yoga; Meditation to Music; Peace Banners; Random Acts of Kindness; and a whole lot of innovative recording of quality learning, shared with whanau and families.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


So here we are in 2016 and entering the second half of our year. 

I hope everyone loved the mid-year reports they received at the end of Term 2. I know I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Our teachers write wonderful reports that show how much they REALLY know our children - and it is an absolute privilege to read and sign them all. We are now looking forward to seeing you all at the Home School Conferences in Week 2. 

We are looking forward to welcoming the ERO  (Education Review Office) team in Week 5 and are keen to showcase our "picture of progress" in all we have done to continually improve our school.

We are blessed with talented, dedicated Staff, Board of Trustees, Maori Whanau  and Parent Support Group - and together with our student leaders, are excitedly planning new areas of growth.

In Week 7 we are all doing the Adidas Fun Run - so I begin my training with a boot camp membership on Tuesday - never too old to rock the Active Wear I say!!! Our Inquiry is based on the Health and Physical Education curriculum - my absolute passion as a younger teacher - so read more about that on our website home page. 

I look very forward to seeing you all around the school again as our term begins.
Hei konei ra
Ms Hansell

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Our NZ Curriculum Vision statement is that all students will be……………..
At SRS, our teachers model that vision as adult learners, continuing their learning through ongoing PLD = Professional Learning and Development.
As a Principal, I am very humbled that the BOT has approved my attendance at the International Congress of Principals who are meeting in Finland for a conference on LEADING EDUCATIONAL DESIGN. The global interactions of Principals from across the globe is an inspiring experience
I look forward to sharing our NZ context of education with other Principals, and am thankful that our BOT has vision in supporting Life Long Learning!

Saturday, 23 May 2015


What are Tuakana Teina Days.

An opportunity for our students to practice being  Friends, Learners, Guardians

Tuakana Teina Days happen at SRS to allow for some 

quality learning dynamics to occur.

  • Classes are paired up older to younger (Tuakana/Teina)
  • Teachers are paired up across teams, and this allows for experiences in teaching children of different age groups for the day
  • The learning programme for the day is a Mini Unit of the current Inquiry Learning Topic (in this term it's Strengths in Diversity)
  • As Teachers are paired up (with lots of Support Staff to help out!), this organisation allows for teams of teachers to be released to participate in uninterrupted, professional learning and development in a specific curriculum area.
  • Tuakana / Teina Days are valuable for everyone - it is a WIN-WIN organisation and there is an authentic experience of being
    Friends, Learners and Guardians on these days!


 These photos are of Room 19 (Year 5/6) working with
        Room  8 (Year 2)
Our older students teach our younger students new things and everyone contributes to an outcome for the day.

Saturday, 14 February 2015


What an exciting time to be 

Principal of Stanhope Road School.

The school is in a "rebranding stage" and having recently launched the school's new LOGO, it is now time to finalise the new school uniform as well.

The uniform committee is working collaboratively towards finalising the decision - there have been many extra meetings, and contacts with possible distributors for the uniform.  We have samples, and are finalising the combination of colours. When we have several agreed on samples, we will showcase them to families for input.

As well as the Logo and the Uniform changing, we will also be updating the buildings and the grounds of Stanhope Road School - there will be new colours for the buildings, and designs for the landscaping - over the next 2 years, we should see a completely NEW identity as a school - and we will look FLASH!!!! 

The School Charter Goals have been revised, and all learning and teaching systems are in full swing! 

We are blessed at SRS to be fully staffed - and ALL of our staff fit into the EXPERIENCED TEACHER category of the Registered Teachers' Criteria.

It is a great school to come to work in every day - there is always a lovely sense of "Whanau" and we are working hard to achieve our goals for good student outcomes.  

Hei konei ra,

Corinne Hansell (Principal)